Recipe adapted from Melissa’s: The Freshest Ideas in Produce and Chef Miki Hackney.



1 packet Baby artichokes

1 each Lemon

1 packet of Melissa’s Hollandaise Sauce

½ tsp Don Enrique Hatch Chile Powder, hot or mild

as needed Olive oil

as needed Melissa’s Garden Herb with Sea Salt


Set EGG for direct cooking (no convEGGtor) at 218°C/425°F.

Juice lemon and add 2 cups of tap water into a medium-sized bowl.

Wash all artichokes well. Peel chokes until all leaves are the same size. Cut up to 1¼ cm from tips and halve chokes lengthwise. As chokes are trimmed and halved, place chokes in lemon water to reduce oxidation.

When EGG is ready, blot chokes and lightly oil cut surface. Set chokes, cut side down, on EGG and lightly weight with a pan. Grill for 3-4 minutes. Lightly oil tops, turn chokes over and grill additional 3-4 minutes, weighted with a pan.

Transfer grilled chokes to a deep bowl and immediately cover with plastic wrap, allowing chokes to steam for 10 minutes.

Heat hollandaise sauce as directed on package. Place grilled chokes in a starburst pattern on a serving dish. Pour sauce into a ramekin or into centre of dish and dust with hatch powder.

Baby artichoke leaves may be consumed whole if thoroughly cooked.