Plancha Griddle – Dual-Sided Cast Iron, 10.5 inch

This new size will fit perfectly in the MiniMax EGG on up! Big Green Egg cast iron products are built to deliver a lifetime of cooking enjoyment. You can use in your EGG for everything from blackened chicken and seafood, to grilled vegetables and steakhouse-style seared steaks.

The ridged side is great for adding sear marks to food, or for roasting pork chops, hot dogs, chicken, asparagus and green beans.

Use the smooth side to grill breakfast pancakes, omellets and hash browns. Drip channel to keep juices from falling on the charcoal.

High quality casting

Pre-seasoned with food-safe vegetable oil

The four tabs are designed to be compact yet provide easy handling for either orientation

Exclusive Big Green Egg design – EGG moulded under each tab

Designed to pair with the 10.5 in / 27 cm Cast Iron Skillet (Item: 120144, sold separately) to form a Dutch oven for the smaller EGG sizes.

Size 10.5 in / 27 cm

Item number 120137

Suitable with these EGGs:

  • 2XL
  • XL
  • L
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